Soybean processing and biodiesel manufacturing company in Central Illinois with roots in the industry going back over 50 years

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540 US Highway 24, Gilman IL 60938

Soybeans are Our Business

Incobrasa is a year-round soybean processor.  We currently crush over 24 million bushels of soybeans annually.

It's What We Do

We process soybeans.  Year round, all day, every day.  Our process and systems are cutting-edge, consisting of our shipping & receiving facilities, high volume grain dryer, 8 concrete 190,000 bushel silos and multiple facilities including soybean preparation, oil extraction, refinery, food grade oil packaging and biodiesel production.

Soybean Suppliers

We have long standing relationships with our suppliers.  Our raw material soybeans are purchased and supplied from a number of local elevators and suppliers in Illinois and other surrounding states.  Our reliability and the reputation that we have established over the years with our supplier partners have given us consistency in our production cycle and put us in an excellent position for future growth.

Transport & Delivery

We receive soybeans year round from local elevators and grain suppliers via truck and railcar to provide for consistent processing and production.  Elevators and transport companies can expect us to be open for delivery during regular weekday hours of operation.  Click here to review our current receiving hours and any special announcements from our Shipping & Receiving department.

Crush Statistics

Our plant processes 75,000 bushels per day.  Given current yields, this is more than 1400 acres of harvested soybeans processed each day.

Production Yields

For every 60 pound bushel of soybeans, the composition of a soybean allows for typical production yields of 44 pounds of soybean meal, 11 pounds of oil and 4 pounds of soybean hull pellets.  Eleven pounds of oil can produce four 48 ounce bottles of vegetable oil or 1.5 gallons of biodiesel.