Soybean processing and biodiesel manufacturing company in Central Illinois with roots in the industry going back over 50 years

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540 US Highway 24, Gilman IL 60938


Incobrasa Industries, Ltd. (Incobrasa), a privately owned corporation, operates a soybean processing business in central Illinois, trading soybean products in the domestic market. Its roots and experience in the industry go back about 50 years when its founders started operations in soybean oil extraction in Brazil.

Incobrasa began investing in United States farmland in 1982. In 1995, Incobrasa began the construction of a new crushing facility with a capacity to process 2,000 tons of soybeans a day. Soon after, Incobrasa entered the market with its major products: soybean meal, crude soybean oil and soy hulls, a by-product. Because of its high content of nutritionally valuable proteins, soybean meal has become an indispensable ingredient for animal feed. Soy oil is worldwide the most used edible oil for numerous food applications. The hulls are usually incorporated into other animal feeds.

The construction of a bottling and packaging facility was initiated in 2003 and it is now able to fill approximately 24,000 bottles per hour of ready to use soybean oil, commonly known by consumers as “vegetable oil”.