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Animal Feed

As a soybean processor, Incobrasa produces bulk quantities of soybean meal and soybean hull pellets as by-products of oil extraction.

What is Animal Feed?

Animal feed made from soybeans is one of the most important protein sources used to feed farm animals. As a soybean processor, large quantities of soybean meal and soybean hull pellets are produced as a by-product of oil extraction. Every 60 pound bushel of soybeans produced results in roughly 48 pounds of animal feed products.

Production Process

Early on in the production process, soybeans are dehulled and the seed coats are removed. These coats become a pelletized form of animal feed. However, the more prominent portion of the soybean is rolled into flakes to allow for oil extraction. After the oil is removed, this portion of the soybean is further processed to become soybean meal.

Our Products

Soybean Meal is a high protein animal feed by-product from oil extraction.  Our meal is produced from dehulled soybean seeds and contains 47 to 48% protein.  It is ideal feed for poultry and pigs.

Soybean Hulls are an animal feed by-product from soybean meal production.  It consists of pelletized soybean seed coats and is an ideal feed for cattle.